The web hosting of your website – the unloved beginning of a web project and website relaunch. Why unloved? Because in companies without their own IT department, nobody knows where their own website is actually hosted – or where the access is. This is usually the case, because you usually get a monthly bill for web hosting. But with the accesses it can quickly become a bit more difficult (“… Mr. Meier set that up at the time”, “I still have to have the accesses somewhere”).


The relaunch cannot start without hosting a website. That is why we also offer hosting for our customers. This makes it easier, faster and much more effective to work. We host with a provider who specializes in working with agencies and offers excellent service. The service technicians there can be reached by phone – and the emergency hotline is there for us 24 hours a day. No comparison to mass hosting companies such as 1 & 1, United Internet or Host Europe, where you spend most of the time in waiting loops or take a ticket that is then processed at some point. Not ideal if the project is time sensitive and the website needs to get online quickly. Of course, the mass hosters are very cheap – but you don’t go to the Schnell-Restaurant for dinner, but rather where you cook individually and with love. That’s how we do it with your website.


But please don’t get it wrong: Of course, we are also happy to work with your hosting provider. But he shouldn’t make life difficult for us. And if we do it, then we have complete control over your website and can guarantee you consistently top quality: State-of-the-art hardware ensures fast loading times and reliability. All websites are secured with 2 firewalls – and the backups of your website are made daily and are available 30 days retrospectively. And so that you don’t have to worry about any technical details, in most cases we also take care of the technical updates of the software used (operating system, web server, database, editorial system, plug-ins). This means that you are secure and your website runs securely and stably around the clock, 365 days a year.




Almost all projects: From BMW Motorsport and BMW Formula 1 on a scalable and globally available hosting environment (with CDN) with several million visitors per month to medium-sized companies and mini websites. We have the right partners for even difficult tasks.


Private cloud

We now also offer privacy-compliant private cloud solutions. This is particularly important for companies that work with sensitive data (personal data, financial data, contracts, due diligence, etc.) that do not necessarily belong on a server somewhere in the USA. We would be happy to make you an individual offer!